Pepck : Web to the bone.

Pepck is a one-man digital studio built on that one guy's passion for building web sites and tools, an undying love of the internet, and a preoccupation with making things easier to use.

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Sometimes Pepck works with small and medium businesses to help them deliver better web experiences and products to their customers. When we do, they say things like:

  • "Ryan has been invaluable to us at C3. His professional UX skills are beyond any others' I've met. He's helped us take our websites (serving millions of music fans in 7 countries) to new levels of satisfying our fans since he's moved us to a data driven design approach based on analysis and user testing."

    Eric Klein - Marketing and Analytics Director, C3 Presents, LLC
  • "​We always felt that Ryan was treating us with special care. He met or surpassed our expectations throughout the entire project. ​I would say that you won't find someone who knows Wordpress better than Ryan. The technical know-how is there. The biggest differentiator is ​Ryan's friendly attitude and easy-to-work-with professional demeanor."

    Sam Martin - Brand and Creative Director, Hai Hospitality
  • "I did not expect the quality of work that was to come nor the ingenious ideas Ryan had along the way. He did what he said he was going to do and then took it a step beyond. Pepck will be the only company I use for all my future web and marketing needs. There's no need to look any further."

    Jackson Nicquette - Owner, JACKson Of All Trades

Pepck is helmed by Ryan Baudoin. What can we help you with today?

  • Data-driven design ryan~[at]~pepck~[com]~
  • Usability audits ryan~[at]~pepck~[com]~
  • Conversion optimization ryan~[at]~pepck~[com]~
  • Web development ryan~[at]~pepck~[com]~
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